Kelp Laver Pink, Seaweed Bead, Hoop.

Kelp Laver Pink, Seaweed Bead, Hoop.

  • 14k Gold Filled at £39

    Recycled Sterling Silver at £29


    'The Seaweed Colour Collection' celebrates the variety of colours in which seaweed has to offer.  Every few months, Jasmine will launch a new colour into the collection. 


    This simple, subtle and timeless handmade hoop with the addition of two handmade 'Kelp Laver Pink' beads is the perfect everyday piece to add a little interest and surprise to your wardrobe. They have been made using sea oak that Jasmine has hand harvested from the south east coast of Scotland. The seaweed has been preserved within eco resin which is made by a company in England. This particular resin uses bio-based renewable materials, less energy during production, therefore reducing the carbon footprint of the end product.


    Please note, each piece is unique and has been handmade by Jasmine and therefore may slightly differ from the illustrative image.