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Inspired by seaweed as a material, Jasmine Linington has spent the last four years developing ways in which seaweed can be incorporated into her textile practice. During a two-year MFA at Edinburgh College of Art (2017 - 2019) Jasmine researched seaweed as an alternative material for the fashion and textile industries. It is now Jasmine's principal material and the USP to her studio.   


With an inquisitive and explorative approach, Jasmine is driven by material, tactility, sustainability, and innovative processes. Experimenting with a variety of seaweed species, she uses the material as a natural dye and as unique embellishments for her textiles.  Mindful of harvesting seaweed correctly, sustainably, and legally, she has obtained a licence for small-scale harvesting for beaches close to Edinburgh.  


Jasmine works with a fibre called SeaCell (seaweed and eucalyptus cellulose) to create innovatively constructed textile pieces and fabrics using digital and hand embroidery techniques. She may naturally dye her fabrics before she embellishes them with her seaweed sequins and coloured beads. 


Jasmine set up her Edinburgh based studio at the start of 2020 and now spends part of her time working on textile art commissions and further developing her research into seaweed-based textile art.  


As well as this, she has recently split her small creative business into two sections - part bespoke textile work and part product based.  She has just launched her new online shop, "K E L P  by Jasmine Linington", where you can find her more accessible seaweed-based products, such as the framed and unframed seaweed pressings and seaweed based jewellery.  New pieces are currently in development and will be available in time for Christmas.  For updates, please follow @kelpbyjasmielinington on Instagram.   


Staying true to her values, Jasmine aspires to make beautiful, timeless textiles and products that evoke a sense of tranquillity and mindfulness. 

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