The Kelp Collection - The Cluster - from £115

Care Instructions


We recommend that you observe the following instructions so that you can enjoy your jewellery for many years to come.


You should avoid contact with abrasive surfaces, keep your product away from water and intense sources of heat.


Avoid contact with cosmetics, toiletries and sun cream. Due to the organic nature of these products, direct sunlight and age will alter their colour, but they will still remain beautiful.


To clean your product, you can give it a delicate wipe with a damp cloth or just simply a gentle rub with the tip of your thumb and index finger.


You may find that the sterling silver might tarnish from time to time. If so, simply clean as stated above. 


We hope you enjoy these unique pieces.

The Kelp Collection - The Cluster - from £115

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    14k Gold Filled at £115


    These textured and dynamic Kelp Cluster earrings make a gorgeous, subtle sound in your ear when the wind catches them. They have been made using kelp that Jasmine has hand harvested from the south east coast of Scotland and made into sequins. Take a look at her collection to see where these have come from.


    Please note, each piece is unique and colour may vary depending on the age of the kelp.




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