The Seaweed Colour Collection - Two Drop Frond - From £101

Care Instructions


We recommend that you observe the following instructions so that you can enjoy your jewellery for many years to come.


You should avoid contact with abrasive surfaces, keep your product away from water and intense sources of heat. Avoid contact with cosmetics, toiletries and sun cream.


Due to the organic nature of these products, direct sunlight and age may alter their colour, but they will still remain beautiful.


To clean your product, use a damp cloth and gently buff dry.


We recommend that you store your jewellery in the original box provided or in a soft linen bag.


We hope you enjoy these unique pieces.

The Seaweed Colour Collection - Two Drop Frond - From £101

  • Available in:


    14k Gold Filled at £107

    Sterling Silver at £101


    'The Seaweed Colour Collection' celebrates the variety of colours in which seaweed has to offer.  Every few months, Jasmine will launch a new colour into the collection. 


    This beautiful rich and speckled pink, which has been created from several species of red seaweed that Jasmine has hand harvested from the south east coast of Scotland.  


    The seaweed has been preserved within an eco-resin which is made by a company in England.  This particular resin uses bio-based renewable materials and less energy during production, therefore reducing the carbon footprint of the end product.  These earrings have been created with the intention that they will be looked after, cherished and therefore enjoy a long life.  


    Please note, each piece is unique and has been handmade by Jasmine and therefore may slightly differ from the illustrative image.  


    Inspired by Jasmine's Seaweed Girl textile collection 




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