Sea Oak Collection - One Drop Frond

The Sea Oak earring collection has been made using seaweed that Jasmine has hand harvested from the south east coast of Scotland.  The seaweed has been presereved within eco resin which is made by a company in England.  This particular resin has been made with lesswater, power and has a reduced carbon footprint, helping to minimise the environmental impact of the final product.  These earrings have been created with the intenion that they will be looked after, cherished and therefore enjoy a long life.  


Inspired by Jasmine's Seaweed Girl textile collection and from many requests to make earrings out of the beads she made for embellishing her constructed fabrics, she has created a small range of styles for you to pick which style suits you best.  Jasmine personally enjoys wearing all of them for both day and evening, purely depedning on how she feels when she wakes up.  


Available in 14k Gold and Sterling Silver.

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