North Berwick Lido Cushion - Panels




North Berwick Lido Cushion - Panels

Cushion Insert
  • This design has been inspired by many of my trips to North Berwick beach, and in particular the lido.  As I walked around North Berwick's lido, I was drawn to the rusty drain lids that are dotted around the thick concrete wall.  The symmtery of the drain lid design against the organic nature of the coastline worked so beautifully, I had a desire to create a design within my collection that echoed this beautiful contrast. 


    Adding an elegant yet playful twist,  I have placed three fluffy SeaCell fibre lines down the width of the cushion. 


    *Please note, whilst the colours represented on this site are as close as possible, they may vary slightly in their true form.

All images, designs and embellishment pieces are copyright to Jasmine Linington ©2021 and may not be reproduced 

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